Key Concepts

  1. Prompt Deployment - Version your prompts-model configurations across multiple projects and deploy new variants to production with a single click.

  2. Evaluation - Compare multiple models, prompts and hyperparameter settings against your datasets using custom performance metrics to find the most optimal model-prompt configuration for your use case.

  3. Monitoring & Analytics - Log your model requests, predictions, user feedback and custom metadata with our SDK to analyze how your model is performing in production. Visualize custom metrics and find actionable ways to improve your model.

  4. Datasets - Manage your datasets across the entire model lifecycle (Validation, Production & Fine-Tuning) and easily filter your production data using feedback, metadata & custom projection features to create fine-tuning datasets.

  5. Fine-Tuning - Fine-tune smaller, custom models using the data you collect from your users to optimize costs, latency and performance.

  6. SDK - Replace your model provider’s API request with our SDK to start logging model generations and user feedback. All features in HoneyHive are programmatically accessble via our SDK, allowing you to extend HoneyHive to build your own custom model management and data analysis suite.