There are three main components to the HoneyHive platform:

  1. Log ingestion & enrichment pipeline
  2. Evaluation job queuing
  3. Web application for supporting the platform

Log Ingestion & Enrichment Pipeline

Our goal with the ingestion pipeline is

  1. 0 Data Loss
  2. Low time to ingestion
  3. Low time to enrichment
  4. Automated session inheritance

Evaluation Job Queuing

The job queuing system has been optimized for

  1. Low time to completion
  2. High throughput

Web Application

Our web application is built for a smooth user experience. We have focused on

  1. Low time to load
  2. Minimal query times


The HoneyHive platform is designed to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. We have focused on optimizing the platform for low latency and high throughput. We are constantly working to improve the platform and welcome any feedback.