Python SDK

Our SDK is designed to be developer-friendly and integrate with your existing infrastructure as well as the larger LLM ecosystem (Langchain, LlamaIndex, Pinecone, Chroma, etc.).

All features within the platform are programmatically accessible via the SDK.

Setup HoneyHive and get your API key

If you haven’t already done so, then the first thing you will need to do is create a HoneyHive project.

After creating the project, you can find your API key in the Settings page under Account.

Once you have created a HoneyHive project and got your API keys, you can now start tracing your custom pipeline.

Install the SDK & authenticate

We currently support a native Python SDK. For other languages, we encourage using HTTP request libraries to send requests.

pip3 install honeyhive -q

Start Logging your LLM Requests

import honeyhive as hh
from honeyhive.sdk.tracer import HoneyHiveTracer
import openai


# replace project and session name here
project_name = "New Project"
name = "Email Writer"

hh.api_key = HONEYHIVE_API_KEY
tracer = HoneyHiveTracer(project=project_name, name=name)

with tracer.model(name):
    # insert api call here

Congratulations! You just logged your first LLM response

Our documentation is a work in progress. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at