Customers with high privacy & security requirements defer to hosting HoneyHive in their own infra.

We primarily support 2 ways to do custom cloud deployments

  • VPC deployment to private clouds
  • VPC peering to an independent HoneyHive instance

Please refer to our Platform Architecture to understand the different components of HoneyHive.

Getting started via VPC deployment

We support automated VPC deployments for all 3 major cloud providers - AWS, GCP & Azure.

For our fully automated AWS deployment, you can refer to our Nuon installer.

If you want to setup the VPC manually, you can follow the steps below.

Expected time: 1 hour to 3 days (depending on how many customizations are requested)


  1. Provision a role in your cloud provider with the necessary permissions.
  2. Provision an account for HoneyHive in your identity provider.



Create a password-protected document

Ex: Password-protected PDFs, DocuSign or similar platforms.


Enter the resource name for the provisioned role into the document

Ex: AWS IAM Role ARN, Azure Resource Name.

Preferred provider: AWS.

If some permissions weren’t included, please share which ones.


Enter the required credentials for your identity provider

Ex: Org domain, audience, client id, client secret in Auth0.

Preferred provider: Auth0.


Enter the credentials for any other providers

Ex: Sentry/DataDog, PostHog, etc.


Email the document

Email the document to with the title “VPC Deployment”.


Wait for encrypted channel communication

We will shortly contact you via an end-to-end encrypted channel to learn the password.


Wait for private HoneyHive endpoint report

Wait for us to deploy HoneyHive & report back with your private HoneyHive endpoint.

Alternatively, we can share the steps to deploying our Terraform script in your cloud.

Congratulations, with the new private endpoint, you can now use HoneyHive just as you would with our managed cloud solution.

Getting started via VPC peering

Customers who want to use our managed service but need the network traffic to be completely private can use this option. We create a new cloud account & share access across both organizational units.

Expected time: 3 hours to 1 day (depending on how many customizations are requested)


  1. Create an AWS account if you don’t have one
    • Our preferred region is us-east-2



Contact us with your requirements

Contact us at with the email title “VPC Peering Deployment”.

Include your new AWS account id.

Optionally share the VPC configuration you’d like us to apply.


Wait for new account details

Wait for us to share the relevant details for the new account with the active deployment.

The new account will be shared across both our organizations.

We will also share the frontend & backend endpoints that you can use.


Configure the VPC peering connection

Configure the VPC peering connection for the new account.

You can follow AWS documentation on setting up VPC peering here.

Congratulations, now you have a private HoneyHive deployment with restricted network access.

Next steps