HoneyHive is the AI evaluation & observability platform for developers & domain experts to collaborate on & build reliable LLM applications faster. HoneyHive enables modern AI teams to:

  • Observe: Trace, monitor, and debug LLM applications
  • Evaluate: Evaluate overall application, prompt, or per-component performance
  • Test: Set up automated CI tests for your app
  • Manage Prompts: Manage & version prompts separate from code
  • Curate Datasets: Create datasets for fine-tuning or evaluation
  • Annotate: Involve domain experts for annotation and human feedback
  • Collaborate: Share learnings with colleagues, and much more.

Our platform streamlines the AI development process by bringing together disparate, broken workflows into a unified platform for faster iteration, better visibility, & collaboration. By enabling automated testing before & after production, we promote the Test-Driven Development (TDD) workflow with LLM application development, ensuring that your applications are reliable by design.

Our goal is to replace the current whack-a-mole AI development process with an iteration framework that ensures quality & reliability at every step.

HoneyHive enables a continuous improvement data flywheel

Setup and Installation

Next Steps

If you are interested in a specific workflow, we recommend reading the walkthrough for the relevant product area.