What is HoneyHive?

HoneyHive is the collaborative developer platform that helps you test and evaluate, monitor and debug your LLM applications. Teams use HoneyHive to confidently go from prototype to production and continuously improve their LLM apps in production with human feedback, quantitative rigor and LLMOps best-practices.


Test & Evaluate

Evaluate new app versions against a wide variety of custom metrics and AI feedback functions before pushing changes to production. This helps you confidently choose the best performing variants, debug errors, safely validate app performance and check for regressions before costly errors happen.


Once in production, our powerful self-serve analytics help you understand user behavior and detect anomalies across your application. Get started by instrumenting your application to log completion requests, user sessions, user feedback, custom metrics and user-specific metadata and creating visualizations of any custom metrics across any data slice.


Gain insights into the fine-grained execution of multi-step LLM chains, agents and RAG pipeline with session tracing. Session tracing gives you a step-by-step summary of exactly what your agent or chain did and when it did it. This allows you to precisely pinpoint subtle problems in even the most complex LLM applications.


Together, our tools allow developers to repetably iterate and improve LLM application performance, creating a unique data flywheel for your AI product that continuously optimizes and improves quality and reliablity.

Developer SDK

Our SDK is designed to be developer-friendly and integrate with your existing infrastructure as well as the larger LLM ecosystem (Langchain, LlamaIndex, Pinecone, Chroma, etc.).

All features within the platform are programmatically accessible via the SDK.

Our documentation is a work in progress. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at dhruv@honeyhive.ai.