Everything in HoneyHive is organized by projects.

A project is a workspace to develop, test & monitor a specific AI application.

Create your first project

Expected time: 1-2 mins



Navigate to the projects page

Navigate to the projects page.


Follow the interactive guide

Follow the steps as shown in the interactive guide below.

Congratulations, you have created your first project in HoneyHive.

Best-practices on organizing projects

Very often teams will have multiple components under the same application that they would like to develop & test independently as well.

For a complex pipeline, we recommend creating the following projects

  1. A production project - ex: Chatbot Production
    • Goal: Source of truth for production
    • All traces from production & CI tests are logged in this project.
    • We want to make sure that the schemas in this project always maps to what we see in production & doesn’t get scrambled by team members trying different variations offline.
  2. One project per testable component - ex: Chatbot Retriever
    • Goal: Source of truth for development
    • All traces from offline evaluation runs & unit tests are pushed to this repo.
    • Prompts & datasets for a particular piece of the pipeline can be managed in this project.
    • We want to make sure as we try different things for a particular piece of our application that we can have a clear log of what we have tried & what worked. All of this can be tracked here.
  3. A catch-all/random project - ex: Chatbot Random
    • Goal: Track random inspirations/ideas in one place
    • Anything that’s not going to be referred to actively in future development, but would be good to be tracked somewhere.