Once you have integrated our SDK to your application and started logging traces, user feedback and metadata, you can start analyzing cost, latency and performance metrics in the Monitoring dashboard.


Here’s a more concise version:

Why Monitor LLM Applications

LLMs have stochastic behavior that can change over time and with varying conditions. Monitoring in production is critical to:

  1. Identify performance bottlenecks and optimize response times.
  2. Analyze variations across user segments and tailor the application.
  3. Track common queries to improve content and handling.
  4. Detect incorrect responses and refine training data.
  5. Monitor user satisfaction and address sudden changes.
  6. Plan capacity based on usage spikes.
  7. Evaluate model accuracy improvements.
  8. Analyze sentiment for areas of improvement.
  9. Gain insights from user feedback patterns.
  10. Ensure adequate resources during peak usage.
  11. Optimize for specific contexts based on external factors.

Continuous monitoring enables proactive issue identification, performance optimization, consistent responses, and maintained user satisfaction.

Getting Started

To start analyzing your production data in HoneyHive, refer to the following resources: