Once you have integrated our SDK to your application and started logging traces, user feedback and metadata, you can start analyzing cost, latency and performance metrics in the Monitoring dashboard.

How it works

HoneyHive aggregates all your production data—traces, evaluations, and user feedback—in one place. This unified view lets you:

  • Detect Failures: Catch anomalies across your cost, usage, and quality metrics.
  • Form Hypotheses: “I think response quality drops for after 5 agent actions.” “Our new RAG might be causing unintended hallucinations.”
  • Explore Your Data: Craft queries to validate or refute these hypotheses in real-time.
  • Iterate Continuously: Use insights to tweak prompts, swap models, or refine pipelines, then immediately see the impact.

Getting Started

To start analyzing your production data in HoneyHive, refer to the following resources: